Two grapefruits.

So I had to return to work this week and for me that meant. A quick two day trip to London..

The issue however is that I'm still breastfeeding my now one year old multiple times a day (and night). I didn't really think about it when I left him, with his dad, to board an early morning flight. I didn't really even think about it while I had my first child free lunch, in a years. But I did think about it when I tried to have my first full night's sleep on my own..(that I was so longing for).

My goodness the pain of engorged breasts is like nothing you have ever felt before, like the pain just radiates and it doesn't get any much so that my boobs turned to rocks and I spent several hours, though the night, hand expressing my milk ( into the toilet ) so I could get some was such a waste.

Seriously I have learned my lesson and won't go away anywhere, ( unless the baby comes too) for more than 12 hours without a breast pump again, but seriously..

How is everyone else coping with returning to work and breastfeeding? Has returning to work meant the end of your journey? I would love to know I wasn't alone in not really thinking about it..

Can't wait to see you back at the group in August. Keep an eye out for more news coming soon. 

♥️J and the Anam Ceol-Baby Melody team ♥️