These sessions are designed for bump to pre-walking babies. (0-15 months).

Friday morning sessions, early, but not too early. 

Location: The sessions are based at Sligo Presbyterian Church Hall, Abbey Quarter North, Sligo, Ireland, F91 A312

Please keep an eye out for other locations and dates TBC. 

Cost: €12 per session for a block term. Booking open for next term. 

€15 per session 'Pay As You Go' (only available to pre- registered parents). 

Sessions to be booked via the Web-shop and payment to be made via card, the website uses Stripe. At checkout you can use Google pay ect. 

Sessions: venue is open from 9.30am

Venue: Open to enter from 9.30am singing will start at approximately 10.00am and will run for approximately 45 minutes. Please exit the venue by 11.00am

Advice: Try to arrive early and to give yourself and your baby a chance to find a spot and make yourself comfortable, as well as catch up with the other parents. 


The science behind Anam Ceol

Research has proven that playing music to an unborn baby and particularly the sound of a mother's voice (King, Schol and Jiang, 2018) has positive health implications for pregnant mothers, including improved ling function and lower blood pressure. It also positively affects the parents psychological well-being by reducing cortisol levels ( the stress hormone) as well as improving self-esteem and reducing depressive symptoms, after birth.

A great social activity, singing is very fun and rewarding for all, with research confirming communicative and interactive components when singing together with others (Kreutz 2014). Singing is very therapeutic to both mother and baby and has been known to increase the mother's hormone production, including Oxytocin (a hormone typically associated with social behaviour in babies and the mother infant attachment). 

Hearing their parents sing is also incredibly soothing and stimulating to the babies developing brain. Both inside and outside of the womb, parents naturally sing to calm their children  Most babies when sung to by their parents, will naturally relax and often go to sleep. Something that every parent wants to foster in-order to build a strong bedtime routine. 

Lucky all the songs that are sung at Anem Ceol -Baby Melody, are easy to learn and remember can be used later to help soothe baby to rest. 

Why Baby Melody?

Well as described by Marcus Paus (2017). 

"Melody is to music what a scent is to the senses: it jogs our memory. It gives face to form, and identity and character to the process and proceedings.

It is not only a musical subject, but a manifestation of the musically subjective. It carries and radiates personality with as much clarity and poignancy as harmony and rhythm combined.

As such a powerful tool of communication, melody serves not only as protagonist in its own drama, but as messenger from the author to the audience"

It is also a beautiful word, and fits in perfectly with the Anam Ceol ethos, that "music acts as therapy for the soul". 


Meet the team:

Jennifer Shingler- Jenny is a qualified children and families social worker from the UK, currently on maternity leave with her second child Finn. Jenny was fortunate enough to attend a similar singing group with her first born, in London pre-pandemic. Since moving to Sligo with her family earlier this year she has wanted nothing more than to replicate this experience with her second born. 

Noticing that nothing in the area, locally or nationally fit the bill, Jenny set about establishing Anam Ceol-Baby Melody and here we are. 

"Finn is now going on ten months and I really want him to have the same opportunities and experiences that enriched both me and his sister when she was a baby, meeting life long friends and watching all the babies growing together, its much more than just a singing group but a social club, I just hope that can be replicated here and really look forward to meeting all the local parents and babies".