Anam Ceol ( singing group currently on hold).

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"Music Is Therapy For The Soul"

A singing group designed to meet the social needs of parents, as well as providing an opportunity for babies to socialise in a safe environment.

Singing is proven to be enriching activity for all.  

The focus of Anam Ceol-Baby Melody, unlike most other mother and baby groups, is that the parents voice take centre stage.


Social as well as fun.

Parents sing in harmony to their children from a wide and varied repertoire of international songs and nursery rhymes, old and new.

While their babies relax, sleep, feed and play around them enjoying the rich musical sounds that their parents create.


You do not have to be an amazing singer to attend.

Lead by a professional singer, all songs are layered by harmonies and you can come in and out of the songs as and when you are ready. Or even just hum or tap along with the music. 

This gives parents the option to feed, change, comfort or just chill out with their babies, between or during songs without any impact on the rest of the group.

Song sheets will be provided and the songs sung will be "switched up"  at every class. 

Comfortable floor mats, throws and floor pillows will be provided as well as a changing station with limited baby toys to help entertain the older babies. (All equipment will be washed/changed/sterilised between sessions).

Please, if you have attend a class and would like the weekly song sheets emailed out to you afterwards, to continue singing the songs with your little ones. Let me know via the contact form or email directly:

Please see the testimony's from the mums that attended the first term and consider doing something wonderful for yourself and your little one...

❤️ "Great class my lady was conked as soon as we left, thank you 😊"

❤️"My little lady loved it and was out for the count after! Sang at her to get her to eat all her lunch after that! So thank you for a wonderful time and we’ll be back for another class!!"

❤️"It was great time! Thank you and see you on Friday 🙂"

Please contact me using the details on the booking page for further information.